Betsie Valley Trailway
Procedures for Special Events

Special Events may be defined as any activities which depart from what are considered normal uses. Normal uses include biking, hiking, walking, skating, and, in certain portions of the Trail, snowmobiling. Special events also include activities involving larger groups (over 100) of participants involved in normal trail uses.

General Guidelines

1. Applicant is responsible for removal of any signage or other equipment or materials related to the event placed on or near the Trail.

2. Applications should be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the requested event.

3. Please note Trailway Ordinance for special use conditions relating to the Trail segment between Mollineaux Road and the Village of Beulah.

4. Should conditions or situations necessitate, the Betsie Valley Trail Management Council (BVTMC) reserves the right to alter, reschedule, or cancel any event.


Name of Authorized Group or Individual sponsoring proposed event:




Phone:_____________________E-Mail: ___________________________

Description of proposed event (include any equipment, materials, or signs to be used)____________________________________________________




No. of participants:_______ Dates & Time(s) requested:________________

Section of Trail to be used for event:_______________________________



I have read the Betsie Valley Trail Ordinance (available on line & at the County Administrator's office) and Procedures for Special Events (on this form) and agree to abide by the stipulations detailed in these documents:

_____________________________                                            ________________
(Signature)                                                                                              (Date)

Please return this signed document to:
     County Administrator
     Attn: Trail Permit
     448 Court Place
     Beulah, MI 49617
     (231) 882-0035


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